Today, we began working with our first student Shayla Washington. A 14-year-old young lady with a lot of ambition. She is interested in making money building websites for herself as well as business owners. She is a very fast learner. Today we went over the following topics to get ready to build

  • Domains:

We explained what a domain is and how it can be used as leverage on the internet. How Domains are a prime piece of Real Estate on the web and that it should be chosen with Search Engine Optimization in mind.


  • Hosting / Website

Next, we shared what Hosting is and how it is essential to get the right type of Hosting for your Domain Name that will function properly with the project you’re developing.


  • Website Builders / WordPress

Then we showed how to install web site development platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, and others to use to build their site.


  • Themes

Last we looked over the many themes and features that WordPress offers. How to find and create responsive themes so the site will look great on multiple display screens.


There is a ton of money in becoming a website developer and there is a lot of work out there for us. We went over the many options there are in designing and creating your clients work. This was the completion of day 1.