We Have Found The Greatest AntiSpam, Bot Protection For Our WordPress Websites.

It is really awesome, very helpful and easy to use! So, we even left this review:

Spam Protection by CleanTalk
Works Great!!! (1 post)

Giving it 5 Stars 

We have a very dynamic website that requires membership for benefits. We were also using Akismet which was not working for us at all. we were getting 1000’s of spam registrations per day. It was really annoying. We searched everywhere for solutions and plugins until we ran across Cleantalk. It got rid of the 1000s of spam registrations in seconds and there are no more. This is a very awesome plugin and we will recommend it. 

As a matter of fact, we were so pleased with how well it is working here on the MCNM Marketing Network. Not only did we upgrade our services. We decided to offer it as an extended service to our own clients. Including 6 more services to our repertoire.

Services Include:


Anti-spam features

1. Stops spam comments.
2. Stops spam registrations.
3. Stops spam contact emails.
4. Stops spam orders.
5. Stops spam bookings.
6. Stops spam subscriptions.
7. Stops spam in widgets.
8. Check existing comments for spam.
Our website is protected by cloud servers and we will be extending this service to our current clients at no added cost and for new clients at cost plus a one-time setup fee of only $20.

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