MCNM Marketing Web Development Project for Friends of Parkinson’s

Stay on the look out for the new website coming soon. It is currently under construction and coming along very quickly. We are expecting it to be complete by the end of the week. We are adding many great features including:

fop news

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  • A cleaner more professional look and feel. 
  • Donation buttons
  • Member and event registration. 
  • A more integrated commenting system
  • Event Calendar
  • Social media links and sharing tools 


We will keep you notified of when we relaunch the site and please let us know how we did.

Keep reading for more info about Friends of Parkinson’s.

Who They Are.

Friends of Parkinson’s is a non-profit organization that connects and creates, local, nationwide, and international initiatives that support the neurological community and communities related to Parkinson‘s Disease.

Here’s What They Do.

Friends of Parkinson’s supports healing, care, and lifestyle management that applies to various forms of mental illnesses and the families, friends, and communities that support them.  Professionally facilitated support groups are offered at no cost to individuals living with Parkinson’s and their caregivers to share their experiences in a warm, friendly environment.

How They Do It.

Through fundraising activities, awareness campaigns, and other related endeavors, Friends of Parkinson looks to secure and build resources and hope in the neurological community.