Young Adults learn how to begin to flourish even in today’s economy.

Have you ever thought to ask what your young adults would like to see or get their parents to buy on the web?

Youth Technology Labs is geared toward creative at risk youth who would like to learn to become self-sufficient. It is a summer youth program designed to create jobs for teens. We will be starting out with 30 Children. To qualify you must be willing to learn Photoshop and website development with WordPress.

Today’s young adults are using social ytl2media to do all sorts of things. We at MCNM Marketing would like an opportunity steer them in a new direction.

Ever since the development of Myspace, we have been seeing the young adults learn HTML. We are developing a fun and interactive training course for these individuals and are raising funds for equipment, such as iMacs, PhotoShop, DreamWeaver, and Illustrator.

We are currently Crowdfunding for these funds to begin training. You can help and at the same time help yourself to receive the funds to get a project started, of your own. To learn more about our funding options, watch the following video.

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