Happy Thanksgiving For Whom?

As we are enjoying this Holiday season this year, we hope that you do not forget the many who lost their lives to get us to the point that we are able to celebrate with an abundance of food. foundingfathersAlthough we are grateful for their sacrifice, we can help but to grieve over the countless lives lost and the treatment of Native Americans as celebrate with feasting. Our hope is that the Europeans who have conquered this land find it in their hearts to make amends for what they have done and are continuing to do to all of the other cultures of this world.




In other news:

redskins_cowboys_football-01dbaOn Thanksgiving Week, Native Americans Are Being Tear-Gassed in North Dakota and we are not hearing about any of that on the news or that the Dallas Cowboys beat the Washington Redskins 31 – 26Now, that’s like a slap in the face!!!


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