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Peciaum Education Center for Financial Literacy!

PEC Finances empowers you to focus on the responsible use of money by gaining absolute peace in the area of personal finances and enable you to use financial truth to shape your situation, rather than your financial situation to shape your truth.

Parents shield their kids from realities about money. In our attempts to protect children from the real­ world, we fail to teach them about money at all, except being a consumer. Generally, children have no idea how to run a household—to budget, pay bills, buy groceries and so on. As a result, we’re raising a whole generation of children who have no idea how money works and how to handle it wisely.
We ignite students’ desires by empowering them to create connections across traditional classroom learning and make their ideas a reality. Through PEC ’s entrepreneurship project, students learn to engage their entrepreneur skills to see their skills come to life, empowering their future while changing their mindset today.

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