Annual Thanksgiving Giveaway

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Thanksgiving Giveaway, Saturday, November 18th With the help of our supporters like Rosie’s Wish, Empowering @ Excel and community partners, we are proud to present this … Source: Annual Thanksgiving Giveaway

Kindergarten/Elementary 1. Use a clear jar to save. The piggy bank is a great idea, but it doesn’t give kids any… Source: Appropriate Money Tips For Children – PEC Financial Literacy

Source: Michael Franklin Jr – Michael Franklin Jr.

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At MCNM Marketing, We Take Great Pride In Our Continuing Education. We are patrons of some of the greatest web development and marketing tools that most professionals use. Squirrly is one of the greatest of the greats. Thus, we have elected to educate ourselves with the following. It’s 2016. So far, we’ve released 5 courses
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There are many great tools online built to help you succeed in whichever area you wish to. One of them is infographics. Being experts in the field of Social Media, we have chosen to give you a freebie. The following infographic shares: How Anyone Can Win the Social Media Jackpot with Share- Worthy Content. Source: Useful Digital
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We Have Found The Greatest AntiSpam, Bot Protection For Our WordPress Websites. It is really awesome, very helpful and easy to use! So, we even left this review: Spam Protection by CleanTalk Works Great!!! (1 post) Giving it 5 Stars  We have a very dynamic website that requires membership for benefits. We were also using
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Does your Business have a Professional LinkedIn Company Page? A LinkedIn Company Page is different from a LinkedIn Profile. There are a lot more features specifically designed to help you promote your business. For starters, you have to have a corporate email address which makes it more secure where no one can just create a business
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We Pride Ourselves In The Beauty We Produce! At MCNM Marketing we are dedicated to providing our clients with the greatest quality graphic and website design services. However, we are not out to reinvent the wheel. We just place our vehicle on top and go further. Our Goal! As professional website developers who have the
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What Do You See When You Google Your Business? The Google My Business platform is a very powerful tool to get you found on the internet. When people hear about you and want to see what you have to offer or are searching Google for specific keywords or phrases there is another great tool that
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