Focus On Asset Protection!

MCNM Marketing wants your company to flourish while eliminating any headaches or worries. Over the years, we have seen companies come and go for many different reasons. The main reason is they want to make money but the are not focused on asset protection. Certain jurisdictions (notably the Cook Islands, but the Bahamas also has a species of asset protection trust) have provided special trusts which are styled as asset protection trusts. Whilst all trusts, to a degree, have an asset protection element to them some jurisdictions have enacted laws trying to make life difficult for creditors to press claims against the trust (for example, by providing for particularly short limitation periods). In practice, the effectiveness of such trusts is limited as the bankruptcy and/or divorce laws in the settlor’s home jurisdiction will usually operate to set aside transfers to the trusts, and most jurisdictions (including offshore jurisdictions) set aside transactions entered into defrauding creditors. Some of the reasons are not enough cash flow to continue marketing and that is one quick way to kill your business.

We will first help you to establish and maintain assets and protect those assets to the point where it actually can make you more income by investing money than the money you spend investing. Have you ever heard of money being FDIC insured? Do you know what it means? It means that the money you spend can be insured if it is set up correctly how cool is that!

My Corporation

My Corporation has helped over 1 million business owners file a corporation or LLC. As experts in our field, we streamline the business filing process.  My Corporation also offers trademark filings, copyright registrations, DBA registrations, registered agent services and many more products that help business owners and entrepreneurs protect and maintain the legitimacy of their businesses.  With over fifteen years in the online filing services business, we business owners with the peace of mind that all the state requirements are being met for their particular filing need.  Our reputation for superb customer service is unsurpassed.  Our customers choose us because there are people behind the service, not just an auto-generated electronic response.

Why My Corporation?

  • 15 years + noteworthy customer service
  • We commit to filing with the state within 24 to 48 hours
  • Easy online ordering & excellent customer service
  • Save 87%  over the cost of incorporating with a lawyer
  • With rush services, customers can save over a month of wait time